The Mathematician in Love

Let x denote beauty, y manners well-bred
z fortune – this is essential-
Let L stand for love – our philosopher said.
Then L is a function of x,y and z
of the kind known as potential.

Now integrate L with respect to dt
(t standing for time and persuasion);
then between proper limits, ‚tis easy to see
the definite integral marriage must be.
(a very concise demonstration).

Said he:“if the wandering course of the moon
By Algebra can be predicted,
The female affections must yield to it soon.“
But the lady ran off with a dashing dragoon,
and left him amazed and afflicted.

***** William J. Macquorn Rankine (1870)

Mathematiker waren halt einfach schon immer liebenswerte Nerds <3 Das ist für euch, Mädels!

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